How Can We Improve Relationships?

Temporary Relationships

How can we improve our relationships with the people in our lives that we hold the dearest to us? There should be a unanimous bond between two people when engaging in a serious relationship. Has modern society made us neglect each other and our feelings because we’re constantly bombarded with attention from social media and the internet?

As a society, we used to savour things, fix things if they would break and look after them in the first instance. Nowadays we’re more about discarding what doesn’t work for us and looking for other means of gratification to fulfil our needs. How and why has this made such an impact on dating and relationships in our era and is it necessarily bad?

Is distrust being passed down from the previous generation?

A bleeding effect occurs from one generation to the next where the thoughts and fears are projected onto the generation that follows them. Men are not to be trusted and all they think about is sex is a classic example of this. Are men not even given a chance from the get-go from the opposite sex or have men cultivated this ideology about themselves. In our current world that’s riddled with attachment to people and possessions, has it made us too fearful of loss that we don’t open ourselves up to new people and opportunities, to begin with?

From a young age, girls are taught not to trust men. It’s encoded into them, from other females around them. Men are branded as disloyal and “only after one thing.” Are females projecting their fears and past experiences onto the females of the generation after them? It’s like a bleeding effect that transmutes to the females around them. Women being betrayed in past relationships, not made to feel special and their needs are misunderstood. I firmly believe a partner should make you feel like a star that they plucked out of the sky and it’s used to light up their entire world. That’s pretty fucking special, nourishing an entire planet like the sun, kinda special.

The Modern Male

Screenshot_2018-03-07-10-52-48The modern man, that’s empathetic and softer. He likes to embrace his more delicate side while still maintaining the characteristics of masculinity (because there are lots of ways to be masculine.) The modern man is more self-reflective and looks within as to why an interaction with his female counterpart occurred and how he can improve it. Why did his female counterpart react the way she did to him and if she acted adversely towards him because of his behaviour then how can he make it better.



The modern man wants to understand his female counterpart. He wants to empathize with her. Why did our interaction happen? and why was it good or bad? how can I improve my interactions with my lover? These are all questions the modern male is asking himself. Being able to understand himself has led to understanding her. He can feel what her needs are (food, loyalty, spanking, orgasms and having her dreams supported.) The modern man needs to be able to understand what she’s passionate about and why she’s passionate about it. Take a fucking interest in her life and listen to what she has to say. A little bit of romance goes a long way. I’ve never heard a woman say she didn’t want to be swept off her feet, whether you’ve been dating for weeks or married for years. She wants to be loved like the world is about to end.

Read the full article about improving your relationships, distrust being passed down and the age of the modern man here –


Image Credit:

Artist: Muhammed Salah

I stumbled across this artist and saw his beautiful illustrations on Instagram. I love the connection between the lovers and the universe and it’s portrayed in such a gorgeous manner in a lot of his artwork. Take a look at his profile here.

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