Anup Sohanta is a master of words and poetry about love, loss and the universe. His words are a beautifully crafted elixir for the mind and soul that he’s released to the world on various platforms via the pen name @noopface. He gained popularity on social media, especially Instagram and has been sharing himself with his followers and fans ever since.

Working as a writer and author for years on books, blogs, websites and social media. Noopface discusses the universal energy that surrounds all of us. He’s an old romantic with a modern twist that discusses the relationship between males and females and the age of the “modern man” that has stepped up to treat women with the love and respect they deserve. To treat their female counterparts as equals.
In 2017 noopface released his first book, “From the Universe’s Lips to My Ears” a compilation of his quotes and poetry in a book that speaks to hearts and expands minds. Noopface’s goal was to spread love, light and laughter and bringing minds together in unification.