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She's your Queen


“I never make time for her in my schedule, she is the schedule”

Making her feel special on Valentine’s day is obsolete. So, you gave her chocolate? Flowers? Let me guess, you gave her some lingerie… boring as a motherfucker. Make her feel like she’s on top of the world all year round. She’s your equal, she walks beside you and never behind you. How well do you treat that prized possession of a counterpart? (she’s not a possession, she’s a living, breathing, walking-talking sassy woman who you hold dear to you.

That divine creature has needs and you should be able to identify them, from her behaviour, her responses and that glorious energy that’s beaming out of her. How are you making her feel on the day to day and how is she reacting to you? the tools needed for catering to her needs are emotional intelligence and empathy. With empathy you can gain a better understanding of her and how she reacts to you.

We live a life full of expectancy. What can my partner do for me to make me feel good about myself, when in reality it should be what can I do for my partner to make them feel good about themselves. I should be showing my partner support and encouragement. I have dreams and aspirations, so I should be firing my significant other up and not fanning them out. I should be helping them to awaken their soul with everything they’ve ever dreamt of being and having. Stroke her soul, feed her dreams and lift her up for the world to see. She has a sense of adventure and she’s curious about things, she is fucking starving and she wants you to feed the sense of adventure. Try new things, be new things and throughout all of it, she wants you by her side.

“Thank you” “I’m proud of you”, it’s not difficult. A few words can make a huge impact on a heart and soul. “Thank you for existing and for sharing yourself with me.” “Thank you for choosing me.” To adore the woman’s soul, you must first speak the language that the soul responds to (the soul responds to gratitude and compassion FYI)

The question everyone should be asking themselves is how can I improve my interactions. How did I make you feel in that moment and how can I make you feel better? Why did you respond to me in that way? A moment of self-reflection is always needed to improve yourself and your understanding of others. Establishing that you need to improve yourself will greatly improve your standing with your partner. As simple and naïve as it sounds, listening to her will help you to determine what she needs.

In a world full of people, how special are you making her feel? Amongst all of the other women, you better make damn sure you’re treating her with all of the love and respect she deserves to have. If you really care deeply for someone, you want all aspects of them to shine and that means they should be a top priority. You need to be generous with your time, love and affection.

She’s a gold coin, in a sea of pennies. Love her like it’s your last day on Earth or not at all.