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What Kind of Meditation Are You Into?


I was very lucky growing up in a family that was open to their spirituality, my parents and my siblings always had a firm grasp on karma and the law's of the universe (does anyone have a firm grasp of the law's of the universe though.) So as a child, I had a slight understanding of the holistic and mystical. It wasn't until I was about 15 that I decided to read a couple of books on meditation and broaden my horizons. I read a book called "A Handbook for Light Workers" by David Cousins and I also read another book that was my sister's called "Barefoot Doctor's Handbook for the Urban Warrior: Wayward Taoist Survival Technique" Barefoot Doctor's book kinda shaped my perspective on the universe and how everything is connected. Everything is tied together in a big web of energy. The book showed me different types of exercises and meditations to do that would aid in raising my vibration and would help me to attain a higher level of being. I mean, I was like 15, so I was kinda like what the actual fuck but at the same time I'd been conditioned to stuff like this by my family.

As I got older I started to experiment more with different types of mediations and not just the Taoist meditations that I had read about in books. Taoist meditations were great and I would feel fantastic afterward. I'd feel refreshed, rejuvenated and I'd feel that sense of clarity, that we're all seeking. All the answers are within and blah blah blah and as time progressed I wanted to experiment more.

Awakening the Third Eye

Third Eye Cat.jpg

At the moment I'm practicing a third-eye meditation (or, I'm trying to.) This involves sitting down in your quiet space and beginning to relax. Enter a state of mind that's tranquil, peaceful and start to filter out all of the everyday shit that floods your mind (of course this is a difficult task, so please be patient with yourself and every other noisy fucker around you.) From here, focus all of your energy towards your pineal gland (your third eye.) You want to be accurate with the flow and direction of your energy, it shouldn't just be "somewhere around there" but it should be with pin-point precision, like a laser. Direct all of that lovely chi that you hold so dear to you inside your body towards it and keep it there. Focus your mind and your soul on the sound current of the universe. This is the resonance of the universe that ties everything together. You need to be able to sync your being to the vibration of the cosmos.

Once you start to practice this third-eye meditation, your head will feel heavy at first... I mean, you're focusing the majority of your internal power towards your pineal gland, so. This was completely normal for me. After practicing it for a while I discovered that the heavy feeling would subside and I could harness my power more without thinking to myself "damn, is someone sitting on my face right now." If you begin to see things, visions, people then I would consider that to be completely normal (you know because visions aren't weird at all.)

The Key to Enlightenment

There is no shortcut, no quick route to enlightenment. Mindfulness comes with consistency, you need to keep working at it. Some people like to meditate the conventional way and others like to do moving meditations like yoga, if you can do both then you're on some next level shit.

Keep at the meditation and keep pushing yourself with yoga. Make sure your energy circuits are as fired up as possible and when you meditate it will help you to clear any energy blockages that you might have in your circuits.

Keep going, growing and glowing and you'll be doing Yoga Flames and levitating in no time.

disclaimer: yoga flames and levitating aren't a prerequisite for enlightenment.