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The Link Between Food and Spirituality


"The link between nutrition and spirituality is a thing. Nourishing your body with high vibrational foods and plenty of water will have a positive effect on your soul. The more pollutants you disrupt your chi circuits with, the more blockages you will build up. You want the chi to run smoothly and openly and that will be beneficial to every aspect of your being." - noopface Food, like everything else in the world or in the entire cosmos, is all living energy. The food you eat has a vibration and that vibration enters your body when you eat it. I eat relatively healthily, I have a green smoothie every day, with kale, spinach, celery and almond milk (sometimes I add avocado and banana.) Greens are considered as high vibrational foods, these foods aid in raising your vibration. We're all beings on this planet trying to attain a higher consciousness and an elevated level of being.


Meats are considered as low vibrational foods, an animal endures an enormous amount of suffering when its life is being taken. Then you ingest the animal and along with the animal you ingest all of the pain and agony along with it.

I like to cook, a lot. I often cook for other people and I like to recite a mantra, deep within my consciousness, so that the food that I'm cooking is filled with positive energy. I have a particular word that I recite "Satnam" and this means "true vibration" in Sanskrit. Whether you believe in God or you simply call God something else, like the Universe. Satnam is a word referring to that, a calling to the Universe.

In a busy modern-day setting, we're thinking about a million things at once while we're cooking. We're thinking about our work deadlines, the things we have to do, looking after our children or the girl's ass that we saw at the gym. When you make food for yourself or others. Try thinking just positive things, positive thoughts. The light that radiates out of you should transmute straight into the food that you're going to eat. Try to turn your cooking process into a meditation and you'll notice a huge difference in your mood and your life.