How to Articulate Your Anger


“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it as someone else; you are the one who gets burned” – Buddha

Anger is the kind of thing that sits inside of us. It sits there and waits and feeds off of your energy and your emotions. You get so pissed off at things and it just becomes counter-productive and lose your focus on what the real issue is. Whether you’re the kind of person that gets angry easily or the kind of person that allows the anger to build up and fester inside of you.

You can use that anger, it’s a tool. You can focus all of that anger into working for you, instead of you working for it. When you articulate the anger and turn the negative energy into positive energy you have a means of eliminating it altogether. Your anger can be put into a container, whether that’s drawing, painting, singing or dancing. Your energy can be infused into something. Creation can come from the most beautiful destruction and when we break we can also make.

Personally, I love to write and paint (not at the same time tho.) I love to meditate too but I find my mind wanders too much a little when I’m angry or upset and stillness of the mind is something I’m still trying to master. Anyhoo, I like to feel accomplished when I feel anger over something, so when I write, I pour my soul into my words and when I paint, I like to have something beautiful to look at. I like to feel like wow, I did that and I find that all of that pent-up energy that I had been accumulating has been dispersed into something that I have crafted.

I find that there’s a close link between food and spirituality and I love to cook when I’m pissed off. When cooking I always try to think positive thoughts so that the energy of positivity is transferred into the food. Usually, I’m cooking for others, as well as myself, so I’d like to share as much love as I can into other people too. It’s nice to feel a sense of happiness and a huge weight being lifted off of you when you create something that is enjoyed by other people.

Don’t manage your anger, eliminate it by articulating it. This world is filled with people who allow anger to fester inside themselves, causing them more harm than good. Anger doesn’t deserve to be managed, it should be eliminated from the body. Find a container or activity that helps you pour your heart, soul and frustration into and transform it into something positive.


8 Ways to Simplify Your Existence

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Simplicity is an acquired taste. Mankind, left free, instinctively complicates life.” – Katherine F. Gerould

Life for the average human is wild and chaotic. We get so focused on the day to day commitments in life and really lose perspective that there’s an entire world out there. There are lots of ways to keep your life as simple as possible. Here are 7 ways to combat the myriad of stress that life hurls at you.



Write down the most important things in your life, make a list of all of the essentials and then that will help you filter out what isn’t necessary so that you can strip it away. This process of elimination will help productivity because you’ll have removed the lesser important things from your mind.



We all need to meditate. I’m a firm believer that meditation comes first, it is the primary point of our existence. Everything else comes secondary. Whether you choose to meditate in solitude or within a group, as long as you are clearing your mind and searching within then it will help to collect your thoughts. Meditation will calm you and soothe you.



Do you strive to be on-time? Do you eat regular meals? Do you wake up and go to sleep at specific times? Get yourself into more of a routine! set your alarm clock, have your meals at regular times and workout at specific times. Pick a routine that works best for you and stick to it. Routine will greatly improve your time management.


Throw Out the Shit You Don’t Need

Declutter your space. Do you still have old junk lying around the house? Throw it away and clear your space, this will allow your energy to flow more freely.


Disconnect Yourself

In a world full to the brim with distractions; iPhones here, tablets there and social media consistently edging its way into our lives more and more. There’s an unhealthy obsession with social media in this day and age and it consumes a lot of time. Spend some time away from your gadgets, otherwise, life will pass you by and you spent it checking to see how many likes you received.


I’ve Had Worse Things in My Mouth

Your body is a well-oiled machine and regular exercise and eating the right foods can drastically improve your day. Fuel yourself with lots of fruits, veggies and drink plenty of water. Did you know drinking water helps fuel your muscles? Gives you younger skin and research even shows that drinking half a litre of water within 30 minutes can boost your metabolism and help you burn calories faster.


Remain Positive

Keep your negativity in check, keep the bad thoughts to a minimum and remain positive. This will help raise your morale and keep you striving towards your goals, even when you feel trapped.


Adventure More

Try new things, explore more and adventure. See more of the world. Even if you don’t have the money to go to another country, try and find new places to visit and activities to do that are local. You will feel liberated.



How This Will Help Your Life

I have talked about 8 small changes that you can make in your life to greatly improve it. The bottom line is, less is more. Spend more time reflecting on yourself and working on yourself to drastically improve who you are. Improving yourself will improve your life.