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Profanity and Poetry

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“Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” – Mark Twain

As a modern poet and writer, I consider myself to be a product of the world that we live in. Sex, swearing, drugs, and violence. Not in that order. Don’t forget the universe, higher-self, kindness, and gratitude.

Recently in a podcast, I was asked the question, what originally gave me the inspiration to write and post my work. I answered with “to help people”. I stand by that firmly. Everyone talks about providing value to their audience. Along with a few other buzzwords but they are absolutely correct. I wanted to provide whoever read my writing with value; advice, motivation, resonance or something that makes them think and shake them into action, about their own emotions.

If you’re unfamiliar with the type of poetry that I write, it’s usually about the universe, wellness, health, love, sex, and romance. They are my fields of “expertise” or what I have lived through, up until the current stage in my life.

I write and I write often, usually, my writing contains swearing or “offensive language”. Offensive to some but accepted to most. A fuck here, a shit there, and I use it to express myself because it’s how I talk. It’s actually how the world talks.

I’m not hiding behind a veil of falsehood, where we don’t swear to communicate with one another or I consider it massively impolite to curse in the company of other people. I’m not using swearing as a tool to peacock or grab anyone’s attention. Swearing has become an integral part of communication for almost every generation on the planet and it’s also a part of who I am.

Recently I’ve been criticized about swearing in writing, or to be more precise, swearing in my poetry. As someone that has been writing unconventional poetry for a few years, I was dumbfounded by such a remark; that profanity has no place in poetry. It’s an expressive art form that conveys a message. Providing that the message is clear and resonates with its audience, the method of communication and delivery should be irrelevant.

Some people romanticize words and believe that by adding profanity to poetry, it really desensitizes its impact on the mind and heart. I use the word fuck, in place of making love and sometimes, I don’t always see the two as mutually exclusive. Poetry can be reflective of the day and age that we live in and that notion is resonating with a lot of audiences. That’s why a lot of “Insta-poets” are doing incredibly well with reaching the masses with their work. Examples such as Rupi Kaur, Atticus and on the more risque side like mine, Michael Faudet.

Poetry is indeed an art form and it’s also a method of communication. Akin to copywriting, reaching someone’s heart and mind with alliterations, rhymes and a nominal amount of words is a skill in itself. That’s why the most effective method should be used as possible.

Don’t be afraid to swear and curse to express who you are. Don’t fear society’s perception of you because they value poetry to be a certain way. If you have a message—convey that message how you want to. If it reaches your audience and it resonates, then great and if it doesn’t, then that’s okay too. It wasn’t for them.


What Kind of Meditation Are You Into?

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I was very lucky growing up in a family that was open to their spirituality, my parents and my siblings always had a firm grasp on karma and the law’s of the universe (does anyone have a firm grasp of the law’s of the universe though.)

So as a child, I had a slight understanding of the holistic and mystical. It wasn’t until I was about 15 that I decided to read a couple of books on meditation and broaden my horizons. I read a book called “A Handbook for Light Workers” by David Cousins and I also read another book that was my sister’s called “Barefoot Doctor’s Handbook for the Urban Warrior: Wayward Taoist Survival Technique” Barefoot Doctor’s book kinda shaped my perspective on the universe and how everything is connected. Everything is tied together in a big web of energy. The book showed me different types of exercises and meditations to do that would aid in raising my vibration and would help me to attain a higher level of being. I mean, I was like 15, so I was kinda like what the actual fuck but at the same time I’d been conditioned to stuff like this by my family.

As I got older I started to experiment more with different types of mediations and not just the Taoist meditations that I had read about in books. Taoist meditations were great and I would feel fantastic afterward. I’d feel refreshed, rejuvenated and I’d feel that sense of clarity, that we’re all seeking. All the answers are within and blah blah blah and as time progressed I wanted to experiment more.

Awakening the Third Eye

Third Eye Cat.jpg

At the moment I’m practicing a third-eye meditation (or, I’m trying to.) This involves sitting down in your quiet space and beginning to relax. Enter a state of mind that’s tranquil, peaceful and start to filter out all of the everyday shit that floods your mind (of course this is a difficult task, so please be patient with yourself and every other noisy fucker around you.) From here, focus all of your energy towards your pineal gland (your third eye.) You want to be accurate with the flow and direction of your energy, it shouldn’t just be “somewhere around there” but it should be with pin-point precision, like a laser. Direct all of that lovely chi that you hold so dear to you inside your body towards it and keep it there. Focus your mind and your soul on the sound current of the universe. This is the resonance of the universe that ties everything together. You need to be able to sync your being to the vibration of the cosmos.

Once you start to practice this third-eye meditation, your head will feel heavy at first… I mean, you’re focusing the majority of your internal power towards your pineal gland, so. This was completely normal for me. After practicing it for a while I discovered that the heavy feeling would subside and I could harness my power more without thinking to myself “damn, is someone sitting on my face right now.” If you begin to see things, visions, people then I would consider that to be completely normal (you know because visions aren’t weird at all.)

The Key to Enlightenment

There is no shortcut, no quick route to enlightenment. Mindfulness comes with consistency, you need to keep working at it. Some people like to meditate the conventional way and others like to do moving meditations like yoga, if you can do both then you’re on some next level shit.

Keep at the meditation and keep pushing yourself with yoga. Make sure your energy circuits are as fired up as possible and when you meditate it will help you to clear any energy blockages that you might have in your circuits.

Keep going, growing and glowing and you’ll be doing Yoga Flames and levitating in no time.

disclaimer: yoga flames and levitating aren’t a prerequisite for enlightenment.





She’s your Queen


“I never make time for her in my schedule, she is the schedule”

Making her feel special on Valentine’s day is obsolete. So, you gave her chocolate? Flowers? Let me guess, you gave her some lingerie… boring as a motherfucker. Make her feel like she’s on top of the world all year round. She’s your equal, she walks beside you and never behind you. How well do you treat that prized possession of a counterpart? (she’s not a possession, she’s a living, breathing, walking-talking sassy woman who you hold dear to you.

That divine creature has needs and you should be able to identify them, from her behaviour, her responses and that glorious energy that’s beaming out of her. How are you making her feel on the day to day and how is she reacting to you? the tools needed for catering to her needs are emotional intelligence and empathy. With empathy you can gain a better understanding of her and how she reacts to you.

We live a life full of expectancy. What can my partner do for me to make me feel good about myself, when in reality it should be what can I do for my partner to make them feel good about themselves. I should be showing my partner support and encouragement. I have dreams and aspirations, so I should be firing my significant other up and not fanning them out. I should be helping them to awaken their soul with everything they’ve ever dreamt of being and having. Stroke her soul, feed her dreams and lift her up for the world to see. She has a sense of adventure and she’s curious about things, she is fucking starving and she wants you to feed the sense of adventure. Try new things, be new things and throughout all of it, she wants you by her side.

“Thank you” “I’m proud of you”, it’s not difficult. A few words can make a huge impact on a heart and soul. “Thank you for existing and for sharing yourself with me.” “Thank you for choosing me.” To adore the woman’s soul, you must first speak the language that the soul responds to (the soul responds to gratitude and compassion FYI)

The question everyone should be asking themselves is how can I improve my interactions. How did I make you feel in that moment and how can I make you feel better? Why did you respond to me in that way? A moment of self-reflection is always needed to improve yourself and your understanding of others. Establishing that you need to improve yourself will greatly improve your standing with your partner. As simple and naïve as it sounds, listening to her will help you to determine what she needs.

In a world full of people, how special are you making her feel? Amongst all of the other women, you better make damn sure you’re treating her with all of the love and respect she deserves to have. If you really care deeply for someone, you want all aspects of them to shine and that means they should be a top priority. You need to be generous with your time, love and affection.

She’s a gold coin, in a sea of pennies. Love her like it’s your last day on Earth or not at all.



Noopface Poetry Book Became a Thing..

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From the Universe’s Lips to My Ears

At the start of the year, I was heavily encouraged to compile my quotes and poetry together into volumes and make them available as a book or series of books. Months later I’m holding a physical copy of my manifestation in my hands and it’s available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and The Book Depository


After years of writing, months of burning the midnight oil and trying to collate everything together so that it’s coherent. I started by hurling the majority of my work in at once and then having to filter it into the different sections that I wanted. I started with the Love & Compassion part of the book, which is the first part. This section of the book has quotes and poetry that I have written about my experiences with both love & compassion. The second is the pain section, which is a very small section of the book, as I don’t write much about my pain, as I feel that pain festers negativity around the words and they tend to linger.. it breeds more pain and negative energy. The third section of the book is called “The Universe, Adventure & Growth.” This section consists of quotes and poetry that I have written about the microcosm and the macrocosm. The Universe around us and inside of us affects us greatly, the threads of the Universe connect us all and the events that occur in our lives. The fourth part of the book, titled “Her” is mainly poetry and words about love and relationships, specifically focussed on a soul that entered my life and I wrote many things that I felt about her. I saw the Universe through her, it made my connection to the Universe even closer.

Broken Isn’t Bad

I spent weeks editing, trying to make sure everything was perfect, clean and elegant looking (I had a few teething problems.) I was also searching for an artist to draw my book cover, I found a fantastic artist on Instagram and she did an amazing job for me. She took my concept and brought it to life, you can find her work on her Instagram here Broken isn’t Bad

Broken Isn't Bad

After the book was released I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment. All of my blood, sweat and tears are available to me and the entire world in a tangible form. People that had supported me for years and also people that had just discovered me could physically hold my words and that made me feel full to the brim with love.

Thank you for your encouragement, support and most importantly thank you for the ineffable amount of love (you know who you are)
I am truly blessed to cross paths with you in this life and many lifetimes before.

I present a piece of my soul to the world “From the Universe’s Lips to My Ears.”

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