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Profanity and Poetry

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“Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” – Mark Twain

As a modern poet and writer, I consider myself to be a product of the world that we live in. Sex, swearing, drugs, and violence. Not in that order. Don’t forget the universe, higher-self, kindness, and gratitude.

Recently in a podcast, I was asked the question, what originally gave me the inspiration to write and post my work. I answered with “to help people”. I stand by that firmly. Everyone talks about providing value to their audience. Along with a few other buzzwords but they are absolutely correct. I wanted to provide whoever read my writing with value; advice, motivation, resonance or something that makes them think and shake them into action, about their own emotions.

If you’re unfamiliar with the type of poetry that I write, it’s usually about the universe, wellness, health, love, sex, and romance. They are my fields of “expertise” or what I have lived through, up until the current stage in my life.

I write and I write often, usually, my writing contains swearing or “offensive language”. Offensive to some but accepted to most. A fuck here, a shit there, and I use it to express myself because it’s how I talk. It’s actually how the world talks.

I’m not hiding behind a veil of falsehood, where we don’t swear to communicate with one another or I consider it massively impolite to curse in the company of other people. I’m not using swearing as a tool to peacock or grab anyone’s attention. Swearing has become an integral part of communication for almost every generation on the planet and it’s also a part of who I am.

Recently I’ve been criticized about swearing in writing, or to be more precise, swearing in my poetry. As someone that has been writing unconventional poetry for a few years, I was dumbfounded by such a remark; that profanity has no place in poetry. It’s an expressive art form that conveys a message. Providing that the message is clear and resonates with its audience, the method of communication and delivery should be irrelevant.

Some people romanticize words and believe that by adding profanity to poetry, it really desensitizes its impact on the mind and heart. I use the word fuck, in place of making love and sometimes, I don’t always see the two as mutually exclusive. Poetry can be reflective of the day and age that we live in and that notion is resonating with a lot of audiences. That’s why a lot of “Insta-poets” are doing incredibly well with reaching the masses with their work. Examples such as Rupi Kaur, Atticus and on the more risque side like mine, Michael Faudet.

Poetry is indeed an art form and it’s also a method of communication. Akin to copywriting, reaching someone’s heart and mind with alliterations, rhymes and a nominal amount of words is a skill in itself. That’s why the most effective method should be used as possible.

Don’t be afraid to swear and curse to express who you are. Don’t fear society’s perception of you because they value poetry to be a certain way. If you have a message—convey that message how you want to. If it reaches your audience and it resonates, then great and if it doesn’t, then that’s okay too. It wasn’t for them.


Hello Bonsai – Making Freelancing Easier

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I’m a freelance writer, in a sea of other writers, my work distinguishes me from the others out there but I need all the help I can get. The majority of freelance writers know that the writing part is by far the easiest part of the job because that’s where you can put your expertise to use and get the most job satisfaction.

The not so glamorous part of being a freelancer is having to write up proposals, contracts and send out freelance invoices to clients. This can prove to be time-consuming and require a considerable amount of effort. However, it’s all part of the job and it still needs to be done.

So, how do you make life less difficult and spend more of your precious time doing the work you love? Meet Bonsai a platform that boasts a suite of tools to help you with your freelancing career and give you the edge against the competition. From managing your projects, clients, drafting up contracts and tracking time. The entire platform is designed to streamline a freelancer’s workload.

Bonsai features a simple dashboard, that collects everything in easy to navigate menus. From here, you can manage your clients, projects, expenses and even start a timer to help you determine how much of your time you’ve spent on a project to put towards your billable hours.

bonsai 1.jpg

Whats the Damage?

You don’t have to dive straight into Bonsai by using one of their paid plans. The platform offers its users a free version, however, the free version does have its limits. The free version allows users to work on one project at a time, up to a maximum of three projects a year. This isn’t ideal for busy freelancers but it does allow users to become accustomed to the platform before parting with hard-earned cash.

hello bonsai 2.jpg

Bonsai has two pricing structures, that both come with different perks. At the moment, the Plus and Premium plan both come with a discount per month to its users with a 14-day free trial.

The plus package is geared towards professional freelancers, that are looking to grow their business and streamline their services. The premium package offers everything that the plus package offers, however, you get even bang for your buck and multiple users can take advantage of the account. This is more suited for agencies and teams.

How Bonsai Improved My Freelancing Career

Automating my workflow with Bonsai couldn’t be any easier. I currently use Bonsai for 2 things:

  • Tracking hours.
  • Contracts.

The convenience of Bonsai places all of the tools that I need to manage my clients in one place and I’m sure as I use the platform more, I’ll start to take advantage of their other tools to make my work life more efficient.

Tracking Time

When working on projects as a freelancer, it can be easy to get caught up in the work and difficult to track how many hours and minutes of your precious time that you actually put into the work. Bonsai makes it ridiculously easy to apply the current project and time worked. You can even start a timer for that project so you can track it in real-time.

Bonsai Time Tracker 1.jpg

Creating Contracts

I use Bonsai to make contracts for me. When I add new projects to manage, within Bonsai, I can then add my client’s details and draft up an entire contract and sign it, all within the platform.

Bonsai contract 1.jpg

Here’s a contract between myself and one of my client’s, Kayleigh Pope. She hired me to research and write 10 blog posts for her website. The quick process of adding a few details about the services that I provide, payment details and terms of the contract allows me to tailor the contract to the specific client and project.

The same contract building service also allows the option to save drafts and email it directly to the client.

Cut down on Work with Bonsai

This fantastic tool for freelancers is a must, whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or you’re a seasoned professional. The comprehensive list of tools that the platform offers (that are all in one place), will take the stress out of managing clients and let you do what you love the most.

Use my link below, to start using Bonsai, for free.



How to Articulate Your Anger


“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it as someone else; you are the one who gets burned” – Buddha

Anger is the kind of thing that sits inside of us. It sits there and waits and feeds off of your energy and your emotions. You get so pissed off at things and it just becomes counter-productive and lose your focus on what the real issue is. Whether you’re the kind of person that gets angry easily or the kind of person that allows the anger to build up and fester inside of you.

You can use that anger, it’s a tool. You can focus all of that anger into working for you, instead of you working for it. When you articulate the anger and turn the negative energy into positive energy you have a means of eliminating it altogether. Your anger can be put into a container, whether that’s drawing, painting, singing or dancing. Your energy can be infused into something. Creation can come from the most beautiful destruction and when we break we can also make.

Personally, I love to write and paint (not at the same time tho.) I love to meditate too but I find my mind wanders too much a little when I’m angry or upset and stillness of the mind is something I’m still trying to master. Anyhoo, I like to feel accomplished when I feel anger over something, so when I write, I pour my soul into my words and when I paint, I like to have something beautiful to look at. I like to feel like wow, I did that and I find that all of that pent-up energy that I had been accumulating has been dispersed into something that I have crafted.

I find that there’s a close link between food and spirituality and I love to cook when I’m pissed off. When cooking I always try to think positive thoughts so that the energy of positivity is transferred into the food. Usually, I’m cooking for others, as well as myself, so I’d like to share as much love as I can into other people too. It’s nice to feel a sense of happiness and a huge weight being lifted off of you when you create something that is enjoyed by other people.

Don’t manage your anger, eliminate it by articulating it. This world is filled with people who allow anger to fester inside themselves, causing them more harm than good. Anger doesn’t deserve to be managed, it should be eliminated from the body. Find a container or activity that helps you pour your heart, soul and frustration into and transform it into something positive.