Since the dawn of time, poetry has been used to stir and excite through words of passion, play and love. Before I could even create cohesive poems, Rumi had always been a big influence for me. Those soulful words that focused on describing how much a lover engulfs through soul-stirring stanzas and sentences.

I created my poetry to share words, knowledge, inspiration and experiences. However, over time, my poetry has become more than a vehicle to share my experiences of the world and the inhabitants of my life. Noopface is about creating a safe space for a community of like-minded people that love and want to be loved. My poetry is also a way sharing parts of me that allow others to feel comfortable with their own sexuality; what they like and how they like it.

My words can be incredibly erotic, designed to stir up all sorts of sensations, from your soul to your brain and all the way to your loins. Poetry should be about freely expressing yourself and through that you will attract others that think and feel just as you do.

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